Miniature black rag doll for dollhouse

Christmas decoration miniature handmade black rag doll

Christmas gift small rag black doll for dollhouse 1/12 scale miniature Christmas Elf
A cute miniature rag black doll with beautiful blue eyes in a red wool dress and white belt.

She has pretty brown hair tied back with a red wool Santa hat.

She also has beautiful red lace ribbons.


A classic for a dollhouse or a collection or a decoration for the house associated with a protective glass bell from our shop or a night light.


If you want to personalize your doll (hair color, accessories etc ...), write to me! I am available :).


Optional: the wooden doll stand for presentation made especially for these dolls and customizable with a message for a unique gift.


Ready to ship in gift box


This doll is handcrafted, the doll is 3-1/8 in (8 cm) high, it comes in hand!

Fun gift for a girl from 3 to 99 years old !

  • Size (3-1/8 in) 8 cm, Cotton, acrylic paint, cotton body, cotton garment. Curly hair is wool

    Make-up of the doll is fixed with a special varnish for the fabrics, this high-quality varnish protects the doll against splashes of water, dust and keeps the make-up of the doll intact. You can touch and caress your little one as you like!

    The miniature doll ready to offer, it will arrive at your home in a nice box

    The doll is 100% original and made by my design, patterns, technology in my atelier and with my hands.

    Dry cleaning.

    This doll can be reproduced by author.


    If you have question you can check our FAQs or send us an email.

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con o sin stand + personalización
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